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Repeating Event - ACES ELA
3:10 PM - 4:10 PM
Welcome to Millbury Street Elementary School
School Information MSES
Millbury Street Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Joanne M. Stocklin
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Mary Coakley
Administrative Secretary: Ms. Lisa Wise
Address: 105 Millbury Street, Grafton 01519
Phone: 508-839-0757
Fax: 508-839-7458
Hours: 8:25 am - 2:55pm 
Early Release Dismissal: 11:25 am
Grades: 2-6

About MSES:  Millbury Street Elementary School is a collaborative community of learners. Here at MSES, we promote academic success and help to develop responsible citizens in an inclusive environment. With adult support, students learn to be accountable in both academic and social situations. Our expectations empower children and staff to recognize, respect and celebrate individual talents and abilities. Technology is integral to our learning, sharing, and communicating. Learning together at MSES is challenging, interactive, fun, and exciting!
Specialists Newsletter Winter 2015
Art - Mrs. Tucker, Ms. Runne and Ms. LaFave
Second Grade
We ended Trimester 1 with our Painted Planets project, where the students explored different printed textures and used spacial skills to layout their space planet pictures. With added shadow in black oil pastels and some glitter as stars to finish these masterpieces! We began Trimester 2 with our hand print painting for Square One Art. The children painted the papers with a blue wash. We chose either a purple octopus or an orange fish for the handprint. The children then finger painted eyes, seaweed and bubbles! We then move onto our winter scene birch trees. We created our trees by using cardboard and black paint on white paper to create the texture for the trunk. In between the weeks of working on the trees, the children were very excited to make their clay pinch pots! They need drying and kiln time, so the trees were an on-going project with the pots. We have just glazed the pots and will need a second firing. This week we will use cool colors to make a background for the trees by blending violet, blue and green with a wide brush. The birch trees will get cut and glued onto our cool background. Add some snow glitter and the result is an amazing winter painting! Brrrr…
Third Grade
Third grade classes completed Trimester 1 with a printmaking lesson. Students carved line designs and patterns into scratch foam and printed them on their own watercolor paintings. Third grade classes began Trimester 2 by perfecting their pinch pot skills while working with clay.  Students painted their pinch pots using special color burst glaze. Classes learned about Mehndi designs and henna for their Square One Art projects. Students traced their hands and had the choice of drawing traditional Mehndi designs or some of their favorite things inside their fingers, on the palm of their hand and on their wrist. Students are using colored pencils and markers to complete these projects. After Square One Art, third grade student’s will be creating symmetrical owls and working with chalk pastels.
Fourth Grade
We ended Trimester 1 with the Apple Still Life. We learned about the art of Martha Alf and studied her drawing, Four Pears. We did observational drawing of fake apples and used them to study shadow and light source. We painted the “table top” and added shadows with black paint. The artists used fancy papers to make a wallpaper background. Trimester 2 moved onto Initial Boxes for Square One Art. We divided our paper into four boxes and used the children’s initials to create fun, funky designs. In the other two boxes, the artist’s could choose two other hobbies or fun things to design to visually describe who they are! We colored them in with bright, colored pencils. We have just begun our Wayne Theibaud Cakes. This is a drawing project that explores the fantastic art of Wayne Theibaud and perspective. Using highlight and shadow will help add dimension.
Fifth Grade
We ended Trimester 1 with a Britto Line picture. We learned about the philanthropy of Artist, Romero Britto. He donates many pieces of his art to charities for children. The fifth grade artists created their own line design of art in his coloring book/stain glass window style. In each section the children created different line designs. The results of this project are amazing! Each piece created is so different! We started Trimester 2 with the Cartoon Name Fish for Square One Art. We used a worksheet to help create our cartoon fish. Inside each fish is the artist’s name in creative, colorful bubble letters. We have recently moved onto our major drawing project of the year! Using the art techniques of Walt Disney, we will draw our own dragon and background!
Sixth Grade
We ended Trimester 1 with a continuation of our color wheel project; we used that color knowledge on our Chameleons. Their chameleons could blend into their natural environment or the artist’s could chose something from their life that the chameleon could blend into. They used color theory to created colors to blend their chameleon. We then were onto our Radial Symmetry Design for Square One Art for Trimester 2. Using a paper circle, we copied our design 8 times to create the radial design. We traced our design onto the paper. Using sharpie and bright, colored pencils we finished our design with incredible results! We have just begun our One Point Perspective Floating Boxes and Theme Street. This is a major drawing project. Perspective can be challenging but very fun! Please check Power School for grades and projects coming up!
Square One Art
Many of you enjoy supporting the PTO with buying items with your child’s artwork on it. Square One projects are created to continue our curriculum. The PTO is very generous and doubles our art budget with proceeds from Square One. Please support this important fundraiser!
Physical Education –
                       Jenni Peters and David Oevermann
During the 2nd trimester, 2nd and 3rd graders have been focusing on 3 units in Physical Education. 
Fitness and a World Record
During our Fitness unit, the 2nd and 3rd graders learned how to use a pedometer, participated in various challenges, and discovered what activities would give us the most steps. We finished our fitness unit by participating in the The Stack Up”, the most people sport stacking at multiple locations in one day.  Once again, MSES was a part of the 592,292 stackers who broke the old World Record.  Way to Go!
Rolling, Jumping And Balancing Oh, My!
Can you name 4 body positions in Gymnastics? What is the base of support in your balance? Can you move like Spiderman?  These were questions asked of our students during our Educational Gymnastics unit.  This unit is a terrific way to get our students to move their bodies in non-traditional ways. We had opportunities to explore what your body can do at different levels and directions.  Learn control of our bodies in various positions in space and experiment with transfer of weight.
Throwing… Throwing… Throwing…
Did you know that all good throwers have something in common?  We all step with the opposite foot, throw and follow through.  2nd and 3rd graders have been practicing this a lot in our Throwing and Catching unit.  Every week we have new station challenges followed by a fun game that reinforces the skills. 
Physical Education in Grades 4-5
Once we return from February break we will begin a striking with implements unit. Students will be introduced to tennis skills. In our intro to tennis lesson we will focus on had eye coordination as well as working on our forehand and backhand strokes. In March we will transition from swinging to jumping, as we will begin our jump rope unit. In this unit we will work on improving our individual and group jump rope abilities. Students will also be introduce to jump rope challenges that will get their hearts beating quickly.
Physical Education in Grade 6
Sixth graders will be starting a volleying with rackets unit once we return from February break. In our intro to tennis lesson we will focus on had eye coordination as well as working on our forehand and backhand strokes. After swinging our way into March we will transition to some cardio vascular fitness activities with a jump rope unit.  In this unit we will work on individual as well as group jump rope challenges.
Instrumental Music – Mrs. Crockwell
The 4-6th grade instrumental music program has about 140 students participating in the program.   Beginner students are making great progress and the fourth graders recently started beginner band rehearsals in addition to their weekly group lessons.  They are learning how to play in a large ensemble while preparing for their concert in June.
The 5th grade and 6th grade bands are continuing to develop skills in music reading, technique, and musicianship, while learning new and challenging music pieces.  The 6th grade band is preparing for their upcoming performance at the Worcester Sharks Hockey game which on March 7 in the evening.  It will be an exciting community event and a great opportunity to represent Grafton!
General Music  - Michele Kelly
Can you believe that the school year is already half over? Your students have been hard at work learning many new musical things! In second grade music, students have been singing, playing instruments, and learning musical games. One piece they have been listening to is the “Viennese Musical Clock “ by Zoltan Kodaly. A recent song with motions and instruments to ask about is “March of the Bugs”.
Third graders are very excited to finally be playing the recorder. They have been learning the proper way to hold and blow into the recorder and are mastering the notes B and A.  Additionally, they have been singing and playing musical games.
            Fourth grade students have starting a unit on the instruments of the orchestra.  They continue to learn songs and practice recorder songs to earn belts in Recorder Karate.
            Fifth grade students are finishing a unit on musical meter and will be composing their own recorder piece followed by a unit on tonality.
            Sixth grade students have recently learned how to read music on the Grand Staff.  They have begun a unit on Musical Time Periods and will be learning about the music and composers from the Medieval Period through present day.
Chorus News
Chorus rehearsals have begun and we are preparing for our future concerts/ performances.  Fifth and Sixth Grade Chorus will perform on March 7th at the Worcester Ice Sharks Game.  Sixth grade chorus is slated to sing at a school board meeting in March as well!  We are learning new songs and making wonderful music together!
Computers  - Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Miller
Google Drives have been a great addition and the students have really enjoyed exploring how to use them. We will do more with them as the year unfolds. The most difficult part for them is to remember their username and password. Each student has a unique name that begins with his or her last name, first initial and graduation year followed by @s.grafton.k12.ma.us. For example if I were a second grader my username would be walsht2025@s.grafton.k12.ma.us or millerc2025@s.grafton.k12.ma.us. They all know their passwords to access these accounts. We look forward to doing more projects in their Google drives and you will be able to view what they are working on as well.
Second graders have been working on their typing skills with programs such as Dance Mat Typing, Typing Test, and typing games on ABCYA. The students have been working hard on keeping their hands on the home row keys and keeping good posture in their seats to help with this skill. We have also explored Google Drawing.
We also drew pictures by ourselves as well as in small groups. We worked on teamwork while trying to draw a picture together while on different computers. The students learned how to share files with their classmates and how to work collaboratively. After vacation we will spend a few weeks on Internet safety and learn the importance of being safe on the computers while at school and at home.
Third graders are finishing up their “All About Me” PowerPoint projects. They have used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a biographical presentation. We are working on basic PowerPoint and public speaking skills.  Once we finish this project we will move onto Internet safety and learn why being safe on the computers is important and build on what they learned last year about Internet safety.
Fourth graders are working on their Endangered Animals projects. This will be the first project that students will complete using their new Google Apps for Education accounts. The kids began by collecting information from a teacher-selected site. Now they are using that information to create a presentation in Google Slides. Students can access their work from any web-enabled devices. Ask them to show you what they are working on. We should be finishing these over the next couple weeks if the weather finally decides to cooperate. Then we’ll spend some time practicing presentations skills before we share with our friends.
            Fifth graders just completed a project where they had to create advertising materials for amusement parks. They began by taking notes from a set of teacher-selected sites. Then they created brochure using The Print Shop and short commercial using Windows Live Movie Maker. We discussed the power of images when telling a story and persuasive writing. Starting next week, we’ll move on to a series of projects designed to familiarize students with their new Google accounts and Google Classroom.
            Sixth graders are on their way to becoming the next generation of actors, directors and motion picture stars. We recently began a unit on video production. The students’ challenge is to create a video about Internet safety that would be appropriate for second or third graders to view.  We begin by reviewing safety rules and then each student must come up with a story where a character learns a lesson about being safe online. Then a storyboard is created.  Finally, groups are created and the kids film, edit and produce a final product.   
Please feel free to contact either one of us anytime with questions or concerns. You can also see what we are doing in the classrooms with your students by following us on our blog. Thank you
Tom Walsh     www.mrwalsh.net
Chris Miller    computerswithmrsmiller.blogspot.com

Nature's Classroom Presentation
Please click on the link below to view presentation by Larry Chambers to sixth grade parents on January 14th.

Cold Weather Recess and Snow Play Policy
Cold Weather/Snow Play Guidelines for Recess & Outdoor Physical Activity
Getting students out into the fresh air for exercise is an important part of the school day. It is difficult to set guidelines that fit every circumstance and condition in regards to outside activity during cold weather.   Playground conditions involving ice and snow may differ by building on any given day. Each school is responsible for determining if recess will be held outdoors or indoors on a day-to-day basis. 
Cold Weather
The Grafton Public Schools will adhere to standardized decision making for outdoor recess based on weather conditions reported for zip code 01519 at www.weather.com following guidelines established by the National Nurses’ Association.
*Feels like 21 degrees and above (considers wind chill factor) - Outdoor recess
*Feels like 20 degrees or below (considers wind chill factor)- Inside recess
To access the current local temperature including wind chill:
  1. Type www.weather.com
  2. Type in the Grafton zip code (01519)
  3. Look at the current temperature for Grafton
  4. Look right below that current temperature to get the 
“Feels Like” temperature
  5. That is the temperature that we will use to determine outdoor recess
Parents and guardians are encouraged to monitor their children’s clothing selections to make sure they are prepared for colder temperatures and are appropriately dressed for outdoor recesses.  Please label your children’s winter clothes so if they misplace them we can get them returned. 
Snow Play
In regard to snow play, students will be allowed to play in the snow if they have the five items required for snow play: boots, snow pants, coat, gloves and hat. Without these items, they will be asked to stay on the blacktop.  Parents do not need to send students to school wearing all snow gear on the bus in the morning.  If the temperature and conditions allow, students will dress and go outside during their regular classroom recess.
MSES Anti-Bullying Pledge
Please click HERE to read our Anti-Bullying Pledge
End of Year Student Survey 2014
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2014 - 15 Parent Student Handbook
Click HERE to access the 2014 - 15 Parent Student Handbook
2014 - 15 Parent Student Handbook Sign Off Page
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2014 - 2015 Daycare Transportation Request Form
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